Trip Forms

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Name of the Form Purpose of The Form Download (size of file)

Class Trip Consent Form.pdf

Form parent(s)/guardian(s) must sign to give permission for their child to attend a school trip.


FAQs Regarding School Trips.pdf

Summarizes the regulations and answers questions regarding the planning and execution of school trips involving students of the New York City School System.


Contractual Requirements for Transportation of Students for Field Trips.pdf

Provides an overview of the contractual requirements for transportation of students on any field trip that requires transportation.


Field Trip Transportation Approval Form.pdf

To record the authorizations of a school's administration and parents of your students for transportation for a school trip.


NYC Chancellors Regulation A670 For School Trips 2008.pdf

The regulation sets forth the rules and procedures governing school trips for students at all levels of the school system. It provides guidelines for planning and executing field trips for students and outlines the responsibilities of superintendents, principals and staff. It establishes clearly defined ratios of staff and other adults to students and rules for handling emergency situations.



A guide to the using the OPT Field Trip Application to organize a field trip.



Form parent(s)/guardian(s) must sign to give permission for their child to attend an international school trip


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